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The use of wood shingles in Toronto is on the rise, and for good reason. Cedar shingles are an outstanding way to add functional beauty, sophistication, and elegance to any home, and provide additional benefits that other roofing materials simply can’t match.

When treated and installed by a professional roofer, cedar shingles are fire retardant, resistant to mould and fungal growth, and extremely durable. They’re tough enough to stand up to the harsh Canadian elements and can last well over a hundred years when well maintained.

To get the most from a wood shingle roof, it’s best to have them professionally installed by a certified and insured roofing expert. When investing in a home upgrade as substantial as a luxury roof, there’s simply no better way to ensure the highest quality finish than by taking advantage of an experienced hand. Contact the best today to learn more about how wood shingles in Toronto can change your home for the better.
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Wood shingles in Toronto are the go-to premium roofing material for luxury homes. In addition to being absolutely stunning, cedar shingles provide countless benefits that make them an ideal option with incredible longevity. Installing these stunning natural products is best handled by a professional certified roofer, and finding one is easier than you may think.

Certified and Insured

The importance of a fully certified and insured roofer cannot be overstated. Many homeowners are unaware that they can be held responsible for the health and safety of workers on their property. Roofing is a dangerous profession that could lead to unfortunate mishaps should a single wrong step be taken. Protect your interests by asking to see copies of certification and insurance prior to signing a contract with any roofing company.


Customer-generated reviews are a goldmine for those shopping for the best roofer in the industry. While website testimonials can provide excellent information, companies tend to only put up the most favourable messages. Sites such as HomeStars are perfect for finding reviews as companies have no say over the review that gets posted. You’ll find an abundance of unfiltered reviews that can provide valuable insight into the ethics and craftsmanship of the finest roofers in the industry.
Investing in wood shingles in Toronto is an excellent way to improve your home. Just be sure that only the most respectable roofer is hired to take on the job. It can help to protect you from financial disaster and ensure the best possible finish to the job.


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